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Announcing Aura Blackstar: Bowie Cello Symphonic at The Winter Garden at Brookfield Place

Friday, January 10th, 2020

Winter Garden at Brookfield Place

Maya Beiser will debut her immersive performance of Aura Blackstar: Bowie Cello Symphonic Visualized in New York City on January 10 at 8PM at the Winter Garden at Brookfield Place. The event is a live presentation of Beiser’s forthcoming album Bowie Cello Symphonic: Blackstar (Islandia Music Records), a collaboration with composer and conductor Evan Ziporyn. The album is a dramatic track-by-track reimagining of David Bowie’s final album. Alex Rigopulos, co-founder of Harmonix Music, the makers of the Rock Band and Guitar Hero video games, commissioned the art collective Secret Portal, a Boston-based group exploring the use of immersive technologies in public spaces, to create this special visual presentation. The album release and performance will take place on January 10 to honor David Bowie’s passing on the same date, four years ago.

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