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Maya Beiser and David Lang release new album "the day" on Cantaloupe Music

Maya Beiser and David Lang's new album, the day, is out January 26, 2018 on Cantaloupe Music. The album features Lang’s new work for Maya, the day, paired with a new recording of his previous work for her, world to come.

the day (2016) was composed as prequel to world to come (2003). Where world to come chronicles the journey of the soul after life, the day chronicles an individual’s time on earth preceding that journey. Lang’s world to come was written for Maya in response to the events of September 11 at the World Trade Center (which shares the initials of the title of the piece, WTC). The two works are meditations on two journeys: the day on the mortal journey, and world to come on the eternal, post-mortal journey of the soul that follows.

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