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“Maya Beiser has devoted her considerable gifts — a warm, gorgeous tone; a flawless technique; and above all, an intense soulfulness — to the contemporary repertory, and she is responsible for the creation of significant new works for her instrument…All of these pieces showcase the committed expressivity and unabashed emotionalism of Beiser’s playing. The works create an aura of exoticism (in the use of modes and folk instruments associated with the Near and Middle East), have a solo line that sounds freely improvisatory, and a tone that is most often passionately melancholy… The CD should be of interest to fans of virtuoso cello playing, new music, and the fusion of Western classical and world music traditions.”

“Using medieval Spain as a jumping off point, Beiser has commissioned a collection of works that celebrate Christian, Jewish, and Muslim musical traditions. The participants frequently interweave stylistic and ethnic boundaries. The results are frequently engaging musical hybrids… A hopeful and tantalizing glimpse at what music-making and, indeed, cultural coexistence, may increasingly look like in the future.”
-Sequenza 21

“Provenance should be listened in one sitting, from the soft intro to the long, languid, fade on the Plant/Page tune (with melodic phrases coming at the listener from all angles. Is this the sound of peace, of nations reaching across borders to interact on human levels? Maya Beiser certainly believes so – we are better for her optimism and conviction.”
-Step Tempest

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