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Caught By The Sky With Wire

Caught By The Sky With Wire

“….Warm-blooded contemporary music suffused with nods to and respectful turns of Middle Eastern, Urban American, and Central Asian influences that offers up something new upon repeated listening. No, this isn’t Enya, but if you enjoy mild musical challenges, you’re sure to be won over by this exciting disc. No music-because-I-say-so, teeth gnashing stuff here. Just an incredibly interesting, great sounding, well produced album of work played by two virtuosi. Run, do not walk to the phone to order this disk.” reviews

[five stars] Caught by Virtuosity

“….How is it possible to have so much happening, at such a virtuosic level with only two musicians? This is gorgeous music played exquisitely and begs to be played many times. Every aspect of the disc yells out, “Exceptional quality!”….. If you want to hear the future of serious chamber music, pick this up.”

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