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Almost Human

Almost Human

“Stunning tour de force…hauntingly evocative and emotionally unnerving.”
-All Music Guide

“Imaginative… hip modern music from around the world… haunting atmospheric vocals, keening modal melodies from Beiser’s cello, and catchy rhythmic grooves that suggest a place exotic yet somehow familiar…. just listen with closed eyes and enjoy the journey.”
-The Boston Globe
“A thought provoking album full of charm, wit, charisma, and introverted melodies, its avant-garde lyricism paired with fantastic narration and vocals make this a truly unique and enjoyable piece of music.”

“A sonic dreamscape that will stay with you long after the piece is over.”
“Maya Beiser is an exceptionally gifted cellist. Her musicality, technique, and commitment show in every note she plays on this fine disc.”

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