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           Listen to the new album!

“An ecstatic, hypnotic piece of minimalism with sacred overtones.”

~The Guardian 


“a remarkable interpretation of Terry Riley's In C”

“mesmerizing and graceful…supremely exhilarating…”


“This album is a musical journey for mind and body — both a stimulant and a sedative. It offers many engaging stopovers, from an oasis of calm where the pulse evaporates, to Led Zeppelin-like headbanging reminiscent of “Kashmir”to moments where the cello loops interleave with the sweet delicacy of Vivaldi. If you have a spare hour to let this singular, hypnotic music wash over you, the world might just seem a little brighter.”



"The intrepid cellist Maya Beiser has reimagined the piece ingeniously. The result is transfixing….moody and introspective, but also, by the end, quietly uplifting."

~The New York Times

Maya Beiser's latest solo album reimagines Terry Riley’s epic In C as a series of ever-evolving cello loops and drones.
In her multi-cello album,
the C string – the cello’s
lowest, most resonant string –
forms the sonic architecture of the album, creating a rapturous soundscape that re-envisions this classic minimalist masterpiece.
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Maya-Beiser_In-C_digital cover-front.jpg
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